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Incredimail Letters by Regina's Creations offers you original Incredimail letters designed by myself

Many letters are animated. Either an animated gif was used or they were animated by me and/or made from my personal photographs and graphics. Feel free to download my letters for your personal use


Terms of Use

  • My letters may be used for personal use only. For commercial use, please contact me
  • Please DO NOT use my letters in groups or sites that promote hate, racism, sexual exploitation, drugs, alcohol use, abuse or violence of any kind
  • Please DO NOT make my letters available by posting them on your own site or other sites. This leads visitors away from my site and there is simply too much work invested in both
  • You MAY NOT alter the letters in any way or remove credit lines

Important Notice

Some of the letters you see here, I pubished previously under aliases and the name "Giegin Design"

These letters have been revised to fit widescreen monitors and are now labeled as below



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